17-1126 Uniunea Invizibilă A Miresei Lui Christos

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Message: 65-1125 Uniunea Invizibilă A Miresei Lui Christos

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Translations of the services are done live and are not to be used for audio duplication, transcription, or reproduced in any way. The interpreters have the best intentions to accurately relay what is said during each service, but there will be missing words and mistakes which are humanly unavoidable during live translations. The sermon translations are NOT intended as standalone translations, and may NOT be up to the normal standards of Voice Of God Recordings.

Our motive behind the translated audio stream is to give those who do not speak English the opportunity to worship with us in the services. The Branham Tabernacle is a missionary-minded church that has a great burden for the Bride of Christ in the mission fields around the world. We are thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to reach them through our prayers, love offerings, and now, a fellowship around the Word by the way of streaming. We trust these services will be a blessing to you and your family.