Comments, Questions and Answers

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Is it alright to share this website?
Yes. If it was to be kept private, we would not have posted it on a public site. We want this revival to spread around the globe as soon as possible so we can go home.

Does Brother Joseph know about sharing the recordings on our website? Is he OK with it?
Yes and Yes. Also, did you hear him say, “This revival is not just for the Branham Tabernacle, it is for the world.” ? Did you hear him pray for those listening in? To hear Brother Joseph speak of the streaming from this site, listen to the preliminary on The Rejected King.

How are the recordings received?
These audio clips were shared by believers who recorded the services from the audience at The Branham Tabernacle.

How soon will there be live streaming?
Live streaming is now. Select the message on the Service Audio page at the time of the service at the Branham Tabernacle.

When will video of the Branham Tabernacle services be available?
We know this is a desire of many, but we do not know when it will work out. You may pray for this request. It may work out soon.

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Live streaming instructions
We have tested a live streaming service and have been pleased with the results. At this time we plan to continue using it. Lord willing, it will be live 10 minutes before service starts in Jeffersonville. Refresh your window at that time and look for the play button. If it does not work, you will still have the same familiar play bars below approximately an hour later.

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I am having a problem with live streaming.
We recommend a minimum internet download speed of 5 Mbps. We are working on our end to keep it seamless for you. If it freezes up, just refresh your browser.

What if the audio does not play?
If you play the audio after the service and it does not load immediately, just wait a minute without clicking on anything else. It should load soon. We have lowered the bitrate of the recordings for those with slower internet. You may also use the download link and play the file later.

You may let us know, on our Contact page, but I likely won’t know how to fix it. What I recommend is restarting your browser, and/or computer. When I restart our computer before church starts, things generally flow seamlessly. The live streaming takes flash player; the rest does not.

I do not have internet where I would like to play the file.
We are now placing a download link near the audio bars so you can download the file and take it where you need it. It is an m4a file. We will soon have mp3 files for players that do not read m4a files. This will also help if you have slow internet speed.

Will you keep posting the recordings even after you start ‘live streaming’?
Yes. The live streaming is for the people in the eastern time zone so they can stream it at church, etc. without needing to wait an hour later.

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How to save audio files
Use the Download link to save audio files for your m4a player. Depending on your browser you may need to right click on the download link and then choose “save link as”.

Disclaimer for Translations done at the Branham Tabernacle
Translations of the services are done live and are not to be used for audio duplication, transcription, or reproduced in any way. The interpreters have the best intentions to accurately relay what is said during each service, but there will be missing words and mistakes which are humanly unavoidable during live translations. The sermon translations are NOT intended as standalone translations, and may NOT be up to the normal standards of Voice Of God Recordings.
Our motive behind the translated audio stream is to give those who do not speak English the opportunity to worship with us in the services. The Branham Tabernacle is a missionary-minded church that has a great burden for the Bride of Christ in the mission fields around the world. We are thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to reach them through our prayers, love offerings, and now, a fellowship around the Word by the way of streaming. We trust these services will be a blessing to you and your family.
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