Church Age Book study

This is a study of the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages

The first intention of this study of this great book was to make it as a history course for home schooling. We felt it would be worth a half credit for those that are counting it. In our study of it to make the course, we found these words,

but this is not intended to be a study of history, rather it is intended to be a help to the study of the Word.

So you may call it Bible, Literature, or what ever you please. We see it as the quote says, “A help to the study of the Word.”, which is our primary effort. May God bless you and your student.

The book can be purchased at for $7.50 or you may read or listen to it read from The Table Software.

Here are download links to the quizzes. These download as PDF files.

Chapter 1 – The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Chapter 2 – The Patmos Vision
Chapter 3 – The Ephesian Church Age
Chapter 4 – The Smyrnean Church Age
Chapter 5 – The Pergamean Church Age
Chapter 6 – The Thyatirean Church Age
Chapter 7 – The Sardisean Church Age
Chapter 8 – The Philidelphian Church Age
Chapter 9 – The Laodicean Church Age
Chapter 10 – The Resume of the Age

Our answer key is predominately phrases and sentences copied from the Church Age Book. Your requirements for your student is up to you.
Answer Key

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