witnessing cards for the message.com



TheMessage.com Billboard in Benson Arizona

Billboards use a high resolution art file. Submit the requirements from the advertising company to Voice of God Recordings for these. If you wish to learn from our expirience, you may email or call the business number on our contact page.


Mystery of God tract from Voice of God Recordings

VGR has a beautiful set of Witnessing Cards and Booklets. I love using the “Mystery of God” booklet. I think people take them because it says ‘mystery’ and are very colorful. I got to see a mother reading it to her child while waiting for a parade. These are also good for people that do not have easy internet access.

Tear-off tab ads

tear off tabs example

In response to the following posts:
Shining in Darkness
We have developed for your convenience a set of English tear-off tab ads. I have removed them from the website because they are now available in professional print here: VGR tracts

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