God and Yeshua are ONE

jdI just received your letter moments go.  For some reason it took a long time to forward to my new location.  I had received a little setback and I was transferred to another IPC (Intensive Patient Care) facility  at the Tucson prison.  I am feeling better the past weeks now.  I'm on a lot of medication for pain which is an addition to my normal truckload of other meds for my heart, blood pressure, thyroid, etc., etc.  I'm comfortable. 🙂  I also have a few perks at my new location. A nice motorized hospital bed that is adjustable- it sure beets the hard narrow flat medal back beds.  I also have a computer next to my bed that I got by order of  the court in my lawsuit to review court documents on.  Sadly it does not have internet.  Boo.  The nurses and doctors are very nice.  Food is better.  Despite it all, I miss being with my friends and being able to fellowship.  Shabbat is so important to me.

It sound like you had a wonderful Jubilee retreat.  Praise God!  Did you know that Yeshua is expected to return on a Jubilee according to the Scripture?Paul made an allusion to it in 1Thess. 4:13-17 when he mentions the "Great Trumpet" blast.  The sounding of the "great" trumpet is according to the Torah, the forgiveness of debts and the call for the people of the covenant to return.  It is a beautiful and very powerful teaching.

Do you know the true meaning of the Hebrew "Shalom"?  It is much more than "peace".  It is the single most diverse Hebrew word that summarized means to be whole | complete in God.  To be tranquil and comforted by the presence of God.

I don't think you truly understand my view about God and Messiah.  There is a misunderstanding, it seems.  I do not believe that God and Yeshua are separate- or at least in clinical terms.  They are very much ONE.  The Jewish understanding of oneness is however a little different than the gentile understanding.  I promise I will provide you with my view on the subject soon.

Yes, Messianic very much believe in Divine Healing.  It is a very big part of the Gospel message.  I am always open to read any material you believe can be helpful.  Again, thank you.  I am blessed.  As for health issues, it is not diabetes.  I have a laundry list of health issues.I have heart , blood pressure, thyroid, and central apnea problems.  I'm a train wreck.  My problems stem from poor prison health care.  I'm fighting for my life right now. Literally.