16-0724 The Testimony Of A True Witness

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Greetings, my dear friends.

What a wonderful camp to start off Still Waters this year! There were 21 baptisms and I believe that everyone there had a genuine touch from the Lord. The highlight was Friday’s service, where the Lord came down in a mighty way. His Presence was so strong in the chapel; it was truly amazing. The young people had a hunger for the Lord and He was right on time! I’m sure we can all say that we are very proud of our kids. They were wonderful examples of what our Lord Jesus wants our young people to be.

As you can imagine, we are pretty worn out. We always want to give you our very best at every Tabernacle service, but with the toll that this camp took on both our minds and our bodies, I don’t think we can give the Bride what She deserves. So many in our church were involved in the camp: pastor, associate pastor, deacons, parking staff, cleaning staff, and many in the congregation. After praying about it, I think it is best that we cancel service this Sunday. We want to have services that are both worthy of the Bride and worthy of our Lord Jesus, and I don’t think we are able to do that this weekend. I hope you understand.

But even though we are canceling service, I still want us all to feed on the stored up Food. I would like to invite you all to hear the tape 61-1105 “The Testimony Of A True Witness” on Sunday. This is what I had on my heart to play for the church, and I believe the same Lord Jesus that is there with us at the Tabernacle will be there with you as you hear this Message.

God bless you, my friends. I am looking forward to Wednesday evening’s service with GREAT anticipation!

Brother Joseph

Message: 61-1105 “The Testimony Of A True Witness
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