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ARI wanted to let you know before they return any mail you send me to Browning Unit, They have moved me back to Yuma County Detention Center for a quick hearing in court again. I will be going through the court process for a couple of months then they will take me back to the Browning Unit. Thank you for all your help.
[Alexis is on the jubilee list. When i contacted the Yuma County Jail, they did not let me contact the chaplain, but let me know that books can be donated from the general public]

Trying to get closer to God

Thank You for your inspiring letter. I picked up my bible Study. Brought me a lot closer to our God our Father Son Holy Spirit. Quit listening to Classic Rock N Roll sex drugs not even cigarette roll, let alone a drink of alcohol. 🙂
I’m not back sliding only listening to Christian rock family channel on the radio. It’s took 49 years to completely turn my life to God. No more backsliding quit eating meat even like I been trying to get closer to God loves me.
You see they are going to transfer me but continue writing you. You write me.

Compared to Messianic Jews

jdI bet we have a lot more in common than you believe. Even if we don’t share some things in common it’s OK. We have plenty else in common. Christ is the great uniter:) How about we try something…When ever we write each other, we ask one another a question about the Bible?
In Genesis 1:3 it reads “And God said , “Let there be light”,and there was light.”
What is your church’s understanding of verse 3 in light of verse 14 that says that God created light on the forth day too? I don’t honestly know whether your view is similar to Jewish teaching. I’m curious. [Ed.-I had just learned that Messianic Jews also believe that Jesus and the Word are the same. This is the first thing that we really had in common.]

Explaining the Things of the Lord

ARI am very happy to hear you are listening to the Adoption series this month, and having a much fun doing the quizzes at church this month. Please continue, I have so much fun listening to you explain things of the Lord to me. Thank You for all your help in guiding me through these times. Thank you for everything you end me.

Need Healing

Hello, My adopted name is Christopher […] which is German and I am Sislyan Italian. What pied out on my head on sidewalk Caholic up-bringing. That now I try to be a born again Christian non denominational but the Bible.
My adopted family won’t even respond to me. Been mentally disabled. I get S.S.I.(?) after I get release 2018 and my case in appeal. They wont answer for right now. It’s been 4 months this year I put it in ago. Also ended up with HIV Hep C praying to God our Father Sons Holy Spirit I make it back out to someone will help me or at least write to me.
[Christopher needs divine healing]

Pray That I Will Understand the Books

ARThank you for your prayers. They always really touch me very deeply. They seem to come, at the right place and right time for me. they are very inspiring for me, they help me through many days. Thank you for being a good Bible teacher to me. Thank you for helping me build my relationship close to our Lord, please continue. I very much need your help to do this. Please pray for me. Do you attend church? if so, which one? Please say a prayer for me there as a prayer request. I just received last months Jubilee books yesterday. I started looking over one and it was very interesting, I love how it lets me attend mass at the same time, I think I just need to get the format to be able to read and understand it right…. Please don’t discontinue any of the book you send me, I enjoy all of them and they help me get close to our Lord. I cant wait to get these Adoption books Hopefully I will do good on them and get very close to our Lord…. I do love the bigger one like the very important 7 Church Ages.

Excited about the Relationship I am Building with God

I my name is Arthur[…] We recently met at one of your Bible studies. Thank you for volunteering your time to share God’s Word. Bible study is a favorite time, can’t wait until next time. Recently I have requested some books from the chaplain that were marked C on the book list. He informed me that he was all out of them. I was hoping you could send me more when you have time. They would be much appreciated. I have been incarcerated here for 2 months and will be here for two more before finally going to prison for the next 5 to 10 years. It’s still undecided, but I know at least 5 years in the DOC. I’m currently reading the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, the copy you left the last time we had Bible study. I’m really excited about the relationship I am building with God and spiritual books are helping me to say the least. I have put a request to the lieutenant but am still waiting for approval. I am positive he will OK it; don’t see him saying no to an inmate trying to better himself though spiritual books. I’m in general population and don’t cause any problems. I have faith in God and He will make sure the books are approved. I am waiting patiently. God bless you. [books requested]
Doors in Door
Three Kinds of Believers
Wisdom versus Faith
The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

Protected Custody & Prayer Requests

ADI sorry for the delay of writing, it’s just that they have moved me to different cells in the last two months. When that happens the mail takes longer to get to me and they have been backed up because of shortness of staff. I have come to meet more brothers in Christ and I have given a lot of the books I have received to them, as well as the address to Voice of God Recordings. They have really enjoyed them as well and are looking to order more. I’ve received really good news in the beginning of April. I’ve been approved for Protective Custody!!! I was so happy and releaved to hear that. Thanks to the good Lord for the blessing upon me. God is great. I want to thank you for your support during this difficult time. … I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters, my wife and daughter and the only people I have support from is my wife, daughter, mother and my older sister, and you, and our Lord Jesus. I’ve come to realize that’s all I need. As time goes on people tend to forget about us in here and I’ve realized what a blessing it is to have those who don’t. Prayer request: [there are sick ones in his family. 3 expected, one having issues, one with chronic illness, and one with marital problems. Also for wife and daughter. Young daughter will be in upper teens by the time Adam is released. Recommended Cub Corner for her.]

The Lord Supplies Stamps

VThank you for the Bible and booklets the Lord made possible through you for my mother to receive.  She wrote and told me. I haven’t wrote because I haven’t had stamps, but the Lord provides and now I’m writing you this letter. I would like to order more books:
King James Bible
Do You Fear Cancer
Twentieth Century Prophet
65-1207  Leadership
65-1204  Rapture
65-0718m Trying to Do God a Service Without Being His Will
63-0825m  How Can I Overcome
63-0113M  Letting off Pressure
62-0908  Present Stage of My Ministry
63-0601  Come Follow Me
62-0531  Conflict Between God and Satan
62-0117  Presuming
57-0623  Believe From the Heart
Pick up Your Pen and Write
Enticing Spirits versus the Word of God
Doctrine of the Nicolaitans
56-0408a  What is a Vision
You think you can get me Bible Study Courses. [a good time to get started on jubilee quizzes]. I have someone I’ve spoken to about the books you make possible for us to receive, of course with the Lord’s approval, and he’s interested. Here’s his name […] and he’s in Winslow as well.

Want quizzes

rI am really interested in the books you send me of the catalog. Is there any way I can get the books called:
63-0731 There Is Only One Way Provided By God For Anything
62-0531 The Conflict Between God And Satan
57-0623 Believe from the Heart
I will really appreciate it. I will also interested in automatic monthly mailings of study quizzes. May God be with all of us. Amen.