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Been Spreading the Word

As for me I’m doing OK I guess considering my circumstances. the good ol’ SHU at Tuscon. We’ll I have been doing some studies. I live by myself now. My Brother Jason kinda bugged out on me and took of on me and the moved me. Unfortunately my Brother Jason has more problem than I can take. I do pray for him though. I still love Him. I honestly hope he is doing better. I don’t know if you have heard from him? but if you do tell him I said God bless him! and I still love him. Anyways I’m supposed to hopefully be transferring from this facility. In the next couple of weeks. I’m not for sure were they are going to send me? But where ever it is, I’ll be OK. Ive been spreading the Word a lot more and I hope you don’t mind, but my friends I talk to, I can’t help but give them your info to them. You do amazing things for us and I appreciate it. You’ve encouraged me a lot and the inspiring booklets that you offer is a blessing. Brother I hope to hear from you soon. Can you please send me these books,
William Branham- A Man sent from God
William Branham- A Prophet visits South Africa
As the Eagle Stirreth Her Nest

If I Would Have Known

Thank You for your letter. As always it was a blessing. I grew up a good ol country boy in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, on a farm. And let me tell you if I would have known then what I know now, I would have done a lot of things different that’s for sure. I was raised a Southern Baptist. But as you can see I took the wrong path. Ya I would enjoy those books that you can get me. I’m not for sure how many I can get at one time? But I’m going to enclose a list . If you can send them that would be great. Thank You. TAKE CARE CAUSE I CARE…
King James Bible
What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ
The World is Falling Apart
Souls That Are in Prison Now
Three Kinds of Believers
A Prisoner

New Contact

Well I know you don’t know me, but perhaps you will be willing to take the time to get to know me? Well my friend T.J. was reading some Christian books and we got to talking about how he met you and that you had sent them to him… I am a born again Christian that is unfortunately going through some very rough times right now.