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Convert My Heart to Jesus & Quizzes

ad1I wanted to let you know that I recieved and just finished reading the following:Leadership, Doors in Door, Three Kinds of Believers, Wisdom versus Faith, and The Greatest Battle Ever Fought. They were very good. I am looking forward to the ones you ordered for me this month. Also I thank you for the quizzes you sent. I’ll be sure to do them as I read through te books.
I also want to tell you that I signed a plee agreement for 7.5 years D.O.C.[department of corrections]. I will likely be here until the end of September before moving on to prison. I hope you will continue to send me reading material once I leave here. I would greatly appreciate if you did. Thank you for all you are doing for me. It’s truely helping me convert my heart to Jesus.

Rev. Branham Sure is an Amazing Man

I did get the book you left me, Brother Branham, A Man Sent From God. It was a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. That Rev. Branham sure is a amazing man. I have already received a copy of the recording, A Stature of a Perfect Man. You left it the first time we met at Bible Study. If I receive another copy, I’ll be sure to share it with the others in the pod.
I am guessing I will be here about two more months. I will put in a request to the lieutenant for next months books today. Thank you so much for your patience and helping me.

I Like William Branham

I wanted to let you know that I put in a request form to the lieutenant to receive the books from Voice of God Recordings that we talked about in our last letter, but never received them. He said they may have been sent back if they arrived before he got my request and OK’d it.
Anyways I really appreciate you for trying to get them to me and hope the books listed for the upcoming month make it. I’m going to request in now to the lieutenant and one to the chaplain for the book you left me, Man Sent From God. I really like William Branham, can’t wait to read it. I’m still waiting for a plea from the courts. hopefully they have one on […] that’s my next court date. Please pray for me. I’m scared they will give me too many years in prison, I have three young daughters ages 7,6, and 2 that need me. I have to remind myself to trust in God and the purpose He has in my life. I’m sure it will be OK.

Excited about the Relationship I am Building with God

I my name is Arthur[…] We recently met at one of your Bible studies. Thank you for volunteering your time to share God’s Word. Bible study is a favorite time, can’t wait until next time. Recently I have requested some books from the chaplain that were marked C on the book list. He informed me that he was all out of them. I was hoping you could send me more when you have time. They would be much appreciated. I have been incarcerated here for 2 months and will be here for two more before finally going to prison for the next 5 to 10 years. It’s still undecided, but I know at least 5 years in the DOC. I’m currently reading the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, the copy you left the last time we had Bible study. I’m really excited about the relationship I am building with God and spiritual books are helping me to say the least. I have put a request to the lieutenant but am still waiting for approval. I am positive he will OK it; don’t see him saying no to an inmate trying to better himself though spiritual books. I’m in general population and don’t cause any problems. I have faith in God and He will make sure the books are approved. I am waiting patiently. God bless you. [books requested]
Doors in Door
Three Kinds of Believers
Wisdom versus Faith
The Greatest Battle Ever Fought