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Got the books at Yuma County Jail

ARFirst let me say I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. Thank You for everthing you have done for me during these times. Everything has gone good for me, thank you for being concerned. I just got back to the Browning Unit on 9-15-15, there was a letter from you for me that day mailed out on June 2. You must have had lots of fun at the Young Foundations events. I hope everything went great. I also recieved your postcard you sent to jail. The books as well.


ARI wanted to let you know before they return any mail you send me to Browning Unit, They have moved me back to Yuma County Detention Center for a quick hearing in court again. I will be going through the court process for a couple of months then they will take me back to the Browning Unit. Thank you for all your help.
[Alexis is on the jubilee list. When i contacted the Yuma County Jail, they did not let me contact the chaplain, but let me know that books can be donated from the general public]

Explaining the Things of the Lord

ARI am very happy to hear you are listening to the Adoption series this month, and having a much fun doing the quizzes at church this month. Please continue, I have so much fun listening to you explain things of the Lord to me. Thank You for all your help in guiding me through these times. Thank you for everything you end me.

Pray That I Will Understand the Books

ARThank you for your prayers. They always really touch me very deeply. They seem to come, at the right place and right time for me. they are very inspiring for me, they help me through many days. Thank you for being a good Bible teacher to me. Thank you for helping me build my relationship close to our Lord, please continue. I very much need your help to do this. Please pray for me. Do you attend church? if so, which one? Please say a prayer for me there as a prayer request. I just received last months Jubilee books yesterday. I started looking over one and it was very interesting, I love how it lets me attend mass at the same time, I think I just need to get the format to be able to read and understand it right…. Please don’t discontinue any of the book you send me, I enjoy all of them and they help me get close to our Lord. I cant wait to get these Adoption books Hopefully I will do good on them and get very close to our Lord…. I do love the bigger one like the very important 7 Church Ages.

Lost Stuff

ARI am so sorry I am getting back to you so late. They moved me from Yuma to Florence. I got here around Feb 3. they lost all my stuff during the move over here. I lost your address and wasn’t able to write you untill I got your letter the other day. I want to thank you very much for all the books you have been ordering me. It was very nice thing you have done for me. I have made a lot of friends and sometimes we study the Bible together.


ARThank You so very much for the letter you wrote me this past month and also the quizzes. I looked over a couple of the questions on the quiz. They are very interesting and I think they would help a lot in Bible Study.Today is Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful meal today, it was delicious. I recently received a job, porter for the showers. It is a nice thing to have. I get paid around $3 a week and raise a gate fee for my release. I hope everything goes well. I hope all is well with your work and are having lots of fun. Some more jobs are laundry, special clerk jobs, and basic maintenance. I will let you know if I am able to get a CD player, Thank You very much. I need help one day 3 years from now, help from people like Cochise County Reentry Coalition. Maybe you can set me up with something like that, to help me out. I will do my best and follow all of their instructions. Thank You. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays.